As we are a recognized neighborhood organization, the City's Planning Department routinely sends Notices of Pre-Application Meetings and Notices of Building Permit Applications to the Noe Neighborhood Council.

A Pre-Application Meeting is intended as a way for the Project Sponsor(s) to discuss a project and review proposed plans with adjacent neighbors and neighborhood organizations before the submittal of an application to the City.  A Pre-Application Meeting is required anytime a project consists of new construction, any vertical addition of 7 feet or more, any horizontal addition of 10 feet or more, and/or the inclusion of decks over 10 feet above grade or within the required rear yard.  (Other conditions may apply.)  Typically, a Notice of Pre-Application Meeting is mailed approximately 2 weeks before the meeting is held.

A Notice of Building Permit Application is sent to property owners or residents within 150 feet of a proposed project.  This notice provides for a 30-day "window" for public comment and Discretionary Review filings.

Please note that listings of Pre-Application Meetings and Building Permit Applications will be unavailable via this site until mid May.  In the interim, questions on specific properties may be directed to the City Planning Department, (415) 558-6378, or to the Planning Department web site.