Now, you can sign up for email alerts and get notified when new permits are filed for or near any address in the City!

By signing up for San Francisco's "Buildingeye" interactive mapping tool, you can:

  • Get email alerts of projects in your area
  • Check on the current status of a project
  • View project descriptions
  • View all building permit types
  • View complaints
  • Filter your project search by neighborhood, address, or zip code.

Here's how:

First, go to

Second, click on the Signup button on the top right hand corner to create an account.  Enter your first and last name, your email address, and pick a password.  Press the Create Account button.

Third, log into your new account.

Fourth, type in the subject address in the top banner.

Fifth, click on the Alert button on the top left corner, then click on the Drop pin button to get email alerts about the subject property and all other properties within 300 feet radius of the subject property.

Sixth, give your alert a name and click on the Save Alert button.

You will then receive alerts on any permits filed for the subject property and all other properties within a radius of 300 feet from it!